Residents for Quality Neighborhoods, San Luis Obispo, California


September 30, 2017

Annual Dinner

Our Annual Dinner was held at Cafe Roma on Saturday, September 30.

Our guest speaker was Tom Franciskovich, publisher of SLO Life magazine. Tom's presentation was excellent and well received by our members who packed the banquet room for the Dinner.

August 10, 2017

Grand Avenue Cal Poly Faculty and Staff Housing

AMCAL and Cal Poly hosted a second open house on Thursday, August 10th at the United Methodist Church at 1515 Fredericks Street.

Some problems were identified with the circulation plan during the first open house, and significant changes were made to address residents' concerns about ingress/egress into the project off of Slack Street. There are now no entrances off of Slack Street and a single right-turn exit on to Slack Street lead back to Grand Avenue in Monterey Heights.

This was our opportunity to see if recommended changes to this and other identified problems had been made . . . and they were. In addition to many Monterey Heights and Alta Vista residents, the Chairs of both neighborhoods' residential groups attended and voiced support and appreciation for efforts made by all to positively address residents' concerns.

Thanks to each of you for the time and energy you put into making your neighborhoods better and improving the quality of life for yourselves and others!

Additional information about the project is available at Grand Avenue Faculty and Staff Housing.


Cal Poly

Alcohol/Drug Arrests at Cal Poly up in 2016

The Tribune, recently carried an article regarding a Alcohol and drug arrests up last year at Cal Poly that should be of interest to residents of San Luis Obispo. However, while the link has been deleted by the newspaper, we list the major points below.

Among other specifics, the article pointed out that

"University police made 23 off-campus liquor-law arrests last year, a substantial increase from the three reported in 2015. Another 35 liquor-law arrests occurred on campus, an increase from the 30 reported in 2015. There were 37 drug related arrests in 2016, including 16 off-campus. That’s a marked increase from the 16 total drug arrests in 2016 but a decrease from the 60 reported in 2014."

The article further pointed out that

"Other crime statistics in 2016 remained largely static from the year prior. There were no reported murders, 11 reported rapes (compared to nine the year before) and 12 burglaries (seven in 2015)."

The numbers come from Cal Poly’s 2017 Annual Security Report, which the federal Clery Act mandates for all universities receiving federal money.

City Wide

Increase in Burglaries

Over the last year there has been a rise in theft-related crimes, both in SLO and state-wide. SLO has seen an increase in thefts and burglaries: motor vehicle thefts, thefts of objects left in vehicles, thefts of bicycles and residential burglaries. SLOPD has provided these tips for decreasing your chances of becoming a victim of these crimes.

1. Always lock your vehicle, house and windows, and be sure to close garage doors. Summer is here and leaving doors and windows unsecured is an easy way for a burglar to gain access.

2. Never leave your keys in or about your vehicle or house; keep garage door openers out of sight.

3. Park in well-lit areas.

4. Do not leave valuables, such as wallets, money, purses, cell phones and computers, visible.

5. Be aware of your surroundings and area. If you see something suspicious, call the Police Department (781-7312).

6. Take time to document and save serial numbers from your valuable items (cell phones, computers, bicycles, game stations, etc.). Having these numbers can help get your property returned to you.

7. Bicycles should always be locked if possible or stored in a secure space. Bicycles can be registered with SLOPD to ensure return of the bicycle if it is recovered.

a. Registration can be done on line or by downloading a form and dropping it off at the PD. Go to the following website and look for bicycle registration:

b. The FST, Jason Barrett (, has helped with inscribing on bikes and can do so by appointment.

The Police Department reminds you they are here for you and they would rather respond to a call of suspicious activity and find it is nothing than to have us be victims of crime.

Cal Poly

Educated Renters Certificate Program

Cal Poly has begun a new Educated Renters Certificate Program that will allow students to become certified on renting and on city policies and procedures. The Certificate can be submitted along with a rental application to give students a possible advantage when seeking rental accommodations with rental agencies that accept the certificate. The Certificate may also become expected by individual landlords as they learn about the program.

Cal Poly

Spike in On-Campus Drinking

Cal Poly's student newspaper, Mustang News, recently carried an article regarding a Spike in On-Campus Drinking that should be of interest to residents of San Luis Obispo.

Among other specifics, the article points out that on "[t]he night of Saturday, Jan. 9, University Housing had at least eight reported cases of students who were unconscious or had alcohol poisoning in residence halls."

Unruly Gathering Ordinance

July 21, 2015

[Update] The Unruly Gathering Ordinance was reviewed and updated at the July 21, 2015, City Council meeting. The review was prompted by an unruly gathering that took place near California Boulevard and Hathway Street in the early morning hours of March 7, 2015, and that resulted in personal injury and serious property damage. The unruly gathering highlighted the serious impacts to the health, safety and welfare of not only those who attend such gatherings, but to the immediate and surrounding community.

Several of the more significant changes are noted at the "Unruly Gathering Ordinance" paragraph at the "Noise" tab that you can access by clicking the "Useful Tips" tab at the top of this page.

Cal Poly Student Housing South

May 20-21, 2014

Representatives of Residents for Quality Neighborhoods™, Alta Vista Neighborhood Association, and Monterey Heights Neighbors travelled to Long Beach to speak at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in support of additional housing on Cal Poly's campus but not at the intersection of Slack Street and Grand Avenue. They spoke at the Committee on Campus Planning Buildings and Grounds meeting on Tuesday, May 20, and to the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, May 21. Each group submitted written comments for the Trustees' consideration.

Despite our best efforts, the Trustees approved the plan as presented by Cal Poly.

We will note that the City of San Luis Obispo's representative stated that the City neither supported nor opposed the project; and much to our dismay, two members of the County Board of Supervisors sent letters in support of the project -- Adam Hill (District 3) and Debbie Arnold (District 5).

We thank those of you who participated in our efforts to persuade the Trustees to rethink and relocate the project for your continued concern for and support of our city's existing residential neighborhoods.

Your tenacity in the face of adversity is remarkable.

City Budget Goal-Setting Workshop

January 24, 2015

During this public workshop at the City-County Library, the Council deliberated and set Major City Goals and other objectives for 2015-17.

Individual Council Member's votes and the results are here for your review.

Regarding Neighborhood Wellness, you will notice that Council Member Carpenter voted it as a most important, highest priority goal, Mayor Marx voted it a very important goal, Council Members Christianson and Rivoire voted it an important goal, and Council Member Ashbaugh voted to address Neighborhood Wellness if resources are available.

During the 2013-2015 budget process, Neighborhood Wellness was the #2 Major City Goal, and we strongly encouraged Council to retain Neighborhood Wellness as a top Major City Goal during this cycle as well.

SLO Police Department


Be advised that these officers change periodically. You will have to check the following website to verify the names and contact information for officers currently assigned to your neighborhood.

Neighborhood Officer Program

The City of San Luis Obispo Police Department has created a Neighborhood Officer Program that divides the city into 13 Distinct Neighborhoods, each with one or more dedicated police officer(s) assigned to the neighborhood to address community liveability issues. The objective of the Neighborhood Officer Program is to quickly identify community issues, concerns, problems and crime trends which have long term quality of life issues. The Neighborhood Officer Program is supposed to allow for officers to coordinate resources to help solve these problems.

The Neighborhood Officer is tasked to assist with public education, crime prevention, and neighborhood specific problems and help with coordination of other city services and departments to ensure a professional response to the citizens of San Luis Obispo. Officers are expected to seek out and identify issues, with solutions, within their assigned neighborhood and be responsible for tracking neighborhood problems and crimes that affect the overall quality of life in a neighborhood and require repeated patrol response.

Cal Poly

Students with Off-Campus Violations

Cal Poly began a program in early 2014 that presents an educational alternative to disciplinary action for students who are first-time offenders arrested or cited for alcohol or alcohol-related violations of city ordinances off campus.

The program gives first offenders the opportunity, in lieu of Cal Poly disciplinary action, to voluntarily take part in a 90-minute workshop and write a research paper on topics related to personal health and safety and community responsibility. Those students who decline or fail to complete the educational program will face discipline as defined by the university’s student conduct policies.

Additional information is available by contacting Kimberly Hampton Espino at 756-5841 or email at

Code Enforcement

Field Investigation Requests

Code Enforcement staff investigates reports that Building, Housing, or Zoning Regulations have been violated, including construction without-a-permit, substandard housing, and failure to comply with use and occupancy requirements and permits. If you suspect or witness an alleged violation, the City now has an on-line Field Investigation Request that you can use to report violations.

Please provide as much information as possible. Any information you provide will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law.

If you need help completing the form, have any questions about a potential violation or just need some clarification of City regulations, please call Code Enforcement at 781-7179 or 781-7588.

Revised Code Enforcement Procedures

On April 10, 2012, the Community Development Director presented the Neighborhood Wellness Update to the City Council at its regular Council Meeting. Among other things, the Update included information on the duties of the new Neighborhood Services Specialists and Neighborhood Parking Enforcement Officer. The Update also outlined a streamlined enforcement procedure for dealing with code violations so that city residents no longer have to wait for months before a violation in their neighborhood is addressed and corrected.

This is a fairly long report as it includes supporting documentation. However, it is a quick read, is very informative, and is available here: Neighborhood Wellness Update.

April 2, 2013 Cancelled

Study Session on Alcohol Outlet Regulations

During its 6:00 pm meeting, the City Council will conduct a study session on current state/local alcohol outlet regulations and will consider a moratorium on new alcohol outlets in the downtown. This meeting was originally scheduled for February 5, 2013. For more information, contact Doug Davidson, Community Development Department at 781-7177.